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Exandia provides software development services to clients worldwide, leveraging a dedicated team of proven and highly specialized profesionals to provide world-class end-to-end client solutions. Company leadership consists of experienced technology and business professionals with results-driven skills and focus.

Our expertise

Exandia implements and supports specialized technology-oriented solutions by combining the processes and functions of software, hardware, networks, telecommunications and electronics. Services range from basic IT support to enterprise application (EA) software solutions.

Exandia provides tailor-made software solutions which improve the efficiency of operations, and simplify processes. All custom-made solutions are implemented with a deep understanding of the industry and our customers’ needs & expectations. Software development is done in close co-operation with our customers and our dedicated software engineers for every industry distinctively. Thanks to this approach, the implementation of our solutions are quick and the customers see the operational benefits in a timely manner.


The reason we collaborate with Exandia is because of the quality of work - they are reliable, with easy and comfortable communication, uncomplicated - there is no red tape and we get good quality results. They have similar mindset and set of values as we do and we feel their employees are our employees: they want us to succeed in our goals, understand what we want - and why - and fill the gaps.

Werner Lippert, Founder


GWF is working with Exandia as an outsourcing partner for software development expertise. During the last year Exandia was able to provide on-demand the necessary resources to support our in-house software development team to deliver on time our company's strategic goals. Exandia team has been delivering high quality results within expected time frames. Worth mentioning is the team’s flexibility, prompt adaptation to the GWF processes and toolset, and technical expertise around mobile and front-end development, as well as the prompt management reaction to our requests. We would surely recommend Exandia as a skilled and reliable outsourcing partner to any companies with such needs.

Christos Tsiaras, Head of Digital & IT

GWF MessSysteme AG, Switzerland

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