How to work
with us

Schedule an intro call or send a few words on your project/company needs. We will review and contact you directly to clarify needs, timeline, goals and agree on optimum approach and engagement type. Mutual NDA can be signed at any stage. Professional Services Agreement and SOW outlining the terms of engagement, scope, resources, timeline and cost are also signed prior to kick off.

So simple!

We work under the following engagement models

Time & Material

(per month/per hour)

Flexible, low-risk engagement model allowing you to modify project requirements according to evolving needs, whatever the reason: testing results, market trends or just business decisions. Ideal for complex projects with inherent specification changes,, etc design modifications. Team size can be expanded on the go, optimizing delivery, costs and duration.

Fixed Price

Pricing model appropriate for projects with very clear and solid scope and specs. Deliverables, process, phases, milestones and timelines are agreed prior to coming up with a fixed cost. Project is organized in phases - fees are due upon completion of each phase.

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