Our enterprise software solutions are based on leading and latest technological trends that best apply to our customer’s IT infrastructure.

We have gained our strong market position by combining a deep understanding of major industries with our long IT experience and expertise.


Logistics sector is advancing and transportation software is gaining importance. Exandia is investing in the development of such systems that aim to reduce the gap between companies and the customers. The advancement of logistics sector depends on improving mainly the following

  • Fleet Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Navigation and Tracking
  • Customer service

Exandia can enhance software that can significantly assist a logistics organization:

  • Transportation Management
  • Route Optimization
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Demand Forecast
  • Barcode Scanning


Exandia has proven expertise in the design & implementation of Enterprise application solutions. Such software provides mission critical solutions to the majority of large scale organizations. Major characteristics:

  • Scalability
  • Robustness
  • Business-oriented
  • Widespread performance across many physical locations
  • Critical to the mission of the enterprise
  • Ability to interface with other enterprise software solutions
  • Centrally managed


Exandia has in-depth experience in the design, implementation and support of ERPs for academic institutes. Exandia’s solutions facilitate the management and also the administation team to manage academic related processes & routines like fees management, accounting, library management, grades & exams management, admission management, etc. ERP for academic institutes is meant to flow data across stockholders such as students, staff, parents, alumni etc. This may be useful to extend transparency of institutional policies & student quality and speed up process of documents. Major software components include:

  • Student records & academic lifecycle
  • Teaching staff
  • Student portal
  • Staff portal
  • Parents Portal
  • Recruiter Portal
  • Alumni Portal
  • Payments Portal


Exandia helps travel-related organizations to manage, automate and centralize the operations of their travel business activities with advanced technology so that they can manage their travel business with ease. Exandia implements sales automation, quotation sharing, payment scheduler, supplier management and invoicing. In addition Exandia contributes to business boost by developing and promoting the website and improving organization outlook. Major features and services include:

  • Design, Maintenance and Support of Websites
  • Supplier management
  • Quotation manager
  • Travel CRM
  • Payment scheduler
  • Invoice & Billing Manager
  • Reporting


Exandia develops custom multi-channel selling software solutions that allows sellers to manage inventory across leading selling channels which can be combines with customer specific Loyalty solutions that boost repeat customers and increase sales. Major features include:

  • Manage your entire workflow from sales, purchasing and delivery of goods.
  • Complex sales and purchase algorithms implementation.
  • Track & manage all your sales and purchases.
  • Detailed management of selling prices, costing, deal margins and inventory valuation.

Public Sector

Public sector organizations face unique challenges in a rapidly changing environment. Exandia provides turn-key, end-to-end and flexible software solutions for the public sector. Exandia’s software solutions for the public sector are custom-built to help organizations to simplify the overall business of managing government, address citizen concerns sooner, improve planning and reporting, and maximize both revenue and capital investments. Exandia builds application suites that address federal agencies' operational needs. Such solutions cover the following sectors:

  • Federal Government
  • Transportation
  • Public safety
  • Utilities
  • Libraries
  • Healthcare
  • All services related to advanced integration, cloud, and hosting technologies.
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